[scribus] Save Not Setting Saved Status

John Ghormley KJ4UFG kj4ufg at sera.org
Tue Jun 14 17:32:51 UTC 2011

On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 1:12 PM, Joe Zeff <joe at zeff.us> wrote:

> On 06/14/2011 05:45 AM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> The danger has been, I think, that a brute force 'fix' might fail to
>> warn you about changes you have made as you try to exit Scribus.
> And how, pray tell, would explicitly checking that flag when you exit cause
> you to lose changes?  If you have, in fact, made changes since your last
> save, it would still do exactly what it does now: warn you. It would not,
> however, remind you to save if there haven't been any changes.  We're not
> suggesting, you know, that the reminder simply be removed, we're suggesting
> that Scribus *check the changed flag* and only remind us to save if changes
> *have* been made.
I am thoroughly confused.  Why would not a text search through the entire
code base reveal ALL references to the flag in question?  In order to be set
or unset it has to have the same name every time it is manipulated.   This
is not really rocket science, is it?

Obviously, it may be a time consuming search given the reason for
manipulating the flag must be investigated in each instance where a
manipulation occurs.  It would seem to me to be a matter of just not having
the resources (otherwise known as man-hours) to do the necessary research
into the logic that causes the flag to be set when it should not be rather
than not being able to find where it is set or unset.
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