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On Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 3:12 PM, Tornóci László <torlasz at net.sote.hu> wrote:

> On 08/06/2011 07:23 PM, John Ghormley KJ4UFG wrote:
> ...
>  I suppose if you want quote marks that curve from the top in toward the
>> quote on both ends there is more than one keystroke on each end involved.
>>  I
>> totally eschew those marks as tedious and a bit old fashioned, but to each
>> his own.  Using them would slightly complicate the matter by adding two
>> more
>> keystrokes.
> Curly quotes are not 'old fashioned' at all. You see them rarely, but
> that's because dumb quotes (these: ' and ") are used instead of them. Dumb
> quotes are leftovers from typewriter technology, and they should NEVER be
> used in typeset documents. The problem is: before the digital revolution
> of the printing industry, people got properly trained how to typeset a
> document. Now anyone can produce something that looks like a typeset
> document. I had absolutely no training in typography, but when I set out to
> produce my own book for medical students, I quickly realized my
> deficiencies, so I took the time and studied several books about typography.
> If you do that, you get to know typographic tradition and you will be able
> to produce documents that look really professional. Of course you can
> break any of the typographical rules, if you want, but at least learn
> them! It sort of opens up your eyes: you will be able to tell, what's
> wrong with a document that doesn't look right. My suggestion is to everyone,
> who regularly uses Scribus to read a good book like: The elements of
> typographic style by Robert Bringhurst.
>                                        Yours: Laszlo
> You must feel clairvoyant, Laszlo.  I express an opinion and you, albeit
incorrectly, assume I have no experience with typography prior to DTP.  But,
obviously, I should be as "informed" as you or I have no business creating a
typeset document.  Geez, what an attitude!  You must be quite insecure about
all your typographic knowledge to demean someone you know NOTHING about
simply to express your opinion on a topic.

With respect to Judy M:

On Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 3:51 PM, <jwminer at accessvt.com> wrote:

I heartily agree with Laszlo.

This may sound a bit mean, but when I see typeset text with
typewriter quotes where curly quotes should be used, I immediately
identify the author or typesetter as a typographic idiot. If you're
going to use real type, USE IT RIGHT!

Curly quotes can be beautiful. They match the font, whereas
typewriter quotes don't.

Failure to use proper quotes is another example of how our culture
is becoming lazier and more careless. The attitute is spelling? Why
bother? They know what you mean. Grammar? Elitist.

There is enough ugliness in the world. Your typesetting doesn't have
to add to it.
--Judy M.

Typographic idiot, huh?  Maybe I should apologize for even placing my
fingers upon a keyboard!  I'll do my best to see you are not saddled with
having to read my publication, ma'am, for it would be very unkind of me to
make you gaze upon the "ugliness" I create!

Folks, you are NOT required to agree with me.  Certainly, I do not demand
that.  I am quite willing to be the only person with a particular opinion.
But, you did not hear me demean anyone, including John Culleton, the
original poster, to whom I asked a question.  But I am shocked to read such
vitriol simply because I expressed my opinion.  Why is it that you may call
me names, but it is not OK for me to say how I feel regarding a typographic
convention.  I doubt either of you can logically justify your remarks.
John Ghormley  KJ4UFG
Editor, SERA *Repeater Journal*
Walkertown, NC  USA
editor at sera.org
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