[scribus] Can paragraphs have lines?

Rolf-Werner Eilert rwe-sse at osnanet.de
Thu Nov 4 09:09:04 UTC 2021

Thank you very much, Martin,

this is an easy solution which does what it's intended to do. Only one 
thing, it seems that the font size doesn't play a role for the thickness 
of the line.

Anyway, a good way and absolutely enough here.


Am 03.11.21 um 22:21 schrieb Martin Zaske LINGO:
> Hi Rolf,
> I have looked around and did not find a read-made feature. Hope somebody
> will find something more elegant for you.
> My idea: make a "partner style" for each paragraph-style that needs
> those lines. For example "body_text" would get "body_text_line". In this
> partner style you define a suitable font, effect "underline", "align
> text forced justified"(!) and basically use one single space
> character(!) to make your line. If you pick a suitable font, you will
> have a line exactly to your liking.
> When you want to tweak the distance to your text, since you have a
> partner-style, you are free to set Fixed Linespacing Mode and put any
> value that you like. At the lowest setting of 1 pt, your line would even
> touch the under-lengths of your text-characters.
> This is clumsier than to have the feature for a real line inside the
> style of your actual paragraph, like you had requested. But once you
> have it set-up, it should only take seconds in your work-flow for each
> line. I tried it out, and it works in my Scribus 1.5.7., you cannot tell
> that it is a hacked line.
> hth, greetings,
> Martin
> On 03.11.2021 12:59, Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote:
>> Hi folks!
>> Just trying to find a way to add a single line to the bottom of a
>> paragraph style. Haven't found a way to achieve this.
>> The line should go from left to right over the complete line length or
>> text frame width. Optimum would be if I could define the distance from
>> text to line.
>> Is there a way to make such a thing?
>> Thank you for all hints.
>> Regards
>> Rolf
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