[scribus] Outlining fonts

Joe Zeff joe at zeff.us
Sat Jan 23 21:48:09 UTC 2021

For many years, I've been using Scribus to create a weekly newsletter, 
for an APA I'm a involved with.  Until recently, I embedded the fonts I 
was using when creating the .pdf, because I use Linux, and the person 
printing them out and collating the APA uses Windows.  A few months ago, 
this stopped working and I had to switch to outlining the fonts instead, 
which not only works fine, it creates a much smaller file.

However, the official collator has been arguing that outlining a font 
means that each letter is hollow and that it can't possibly have the 
effect that it clearly does have.  (He's more than a tad narrow minded 
in general, so for him this isn't unusual.)  I'd appreciate it if 
somebody could explain just what the term means in this context so that 
I can 'splain things to him and everybody else in the APA.  Thanx in 
advance for any useful information you can get to me.

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