[scribus] Translation from Welsh to English

Wena Parry wena-parry at talktalk.net
Tue Jan 5 19:48:07 UTC 2021

Thank you Gregory for you'r advice on this subject.

I had hoped for some sort of program or even an extension of Scribus. Howver the text I want to translate quit finished I have had so to scan the pages and then using a ocr (Obtible charector program) to get an editabul text.

However I will ask one of my colegs who lives in Cardiff to see them. Did you know I live not fare fro Cardiff???.

Greg, you are corect when you said that I am a Welsh speacer I have some time translated for Scribus and MusScore but my yes have deteriated.

And stil working on English Welsh Hymns, they are now in the hands of a proff reader.

Wena Parry

South Wales, U.K.
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