[scribus] page | import messes up formatting

Gary Dale garyndp at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 21:03:52 UTC 2018

I'm running 1.4.7 on Debian/Buster (AMD64) and just tried to merge two 
documents by importing the second at the end of the first. Unfortunately 
this only partially worked as I lost some pretty significant amounts of 
formatting in the imported section.

It looks like most of the imported text was treated as the default 
paragraph style even though it is showing the correct styles when I Edit 
Text. Overrides of the styles (usually where I tighten up the letter 
spacing a little to fit some long names into a fixed-size box) are 
usually lost but bold text was preserved.

For some reason, some styles seem to be always lost while others aren't. 
A style I use for telephone numbers seems to have been ignored while one 
I use for e-mail addresses is obeyed.

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