[scribus] Scribus for phone books?

Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen.gaeremyn at pandora.be
Sun Jul 22 18:57:16 UTC 2018

Op 22-07-18 om 10:30 schreef Peter Nermander:
> It's a matter of what you define as "desktop publishing", at least MS Word
> has excellent features for doing catalogs (I have been using them for at
> least 20-25 years), I assume the same can be done with any program that has
> support for printing custom designed address labels.
> But a better solution might be to just use the database application and a
> suitable "report generator". Then what you need to design is just the
> template for the report generator. I have been doing this with MS Access
> for 20-25 years too.
> (My use of MS Office is at work, where I have no control of what software
> is installed, privately I prefer to tro to use FOSS as much as possible.)
I kind of agree with both sides... Scribus is a great tool for 
processing the layout of virtually anything. But you need to have the 
text prepped for the process. If this is a big and recurring project, it 
might be worth the effort to tweak the scripting to have it working. If 
it's a smaller project or only a one-off project, you would be better 
off with something like LibreOffice (or MS Office if that's your 
horsehouse). It will have easier solutions to quickly generate output - 
but will miss out on details like professional grade kerning or high 
quality PDF documents.

So basically it's up to you... Scribus is a great tool in the Linux 
philosophy: do one thing and do it great + work together with other 
great tools for added functionality.

All the best,
Jurgen Gaeremyn

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