[scribus] keyboard shortcuts

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Tue Jul 10 07:42:41 UTC 2018

Le 10/07/2018 à 00:10, ZASKE Martin a écrit :
> I often set  zoom > fit to width   to something free, since I work on
> several computers.
> often I use CTRL+,  (the comma on the num-block) because fit to height
> is CTRL+0 right next to it
> I normally use two screens for Scribus work, but most of our documents
> are portrait-oriented, so fit-to-width is something like a fast-zoom-in
> for me, and fit-to-height takes me back to the entire page if my screen
> is in landscape-orientation.
> Is this research for the next GUI JLuc, or for your personal curiosity,
> or else?

I ask because i learn a lot from other people's experience...
and i hope to improve the efficiency of my scribus use.

I merged your shortcuts in my shortcuts set.

Sharing these might also benefit other people.

And who knows, some of it could also feed the scribus default shortcut set.


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