[scribus] captured by the skills of 1.5.4.svn

Rolf-Werner Eilert rwe-sse at osnanet.de
Mon Jan 8 07:50:52 UTC 2018

Am 07.01.2018 18:54, schrieb Albrecht Will:
> Hallo and my best wishes for 2018.
> Since nearly 10 years I use the development-branch despite the warning with success. And
> the more success you test it harder ...
> For a while now - I have a book with 380 pages an over 600 pictures - the breaks are
> longer and longer while scribus works. May be the reason lies in the marks, object-
> references and some footnotes for testing, TOC, tables for picture, sources ...(attributes)
> I thougth about splitting the file by getting the dependencies (TOCs) and join the parts
> together afterwards. But object-references between different parts are impossble.
> Looking for another way I tried today copying into 1.4.6 site by site and picture by picture,
> element by element, finding out, if this is a feasible solution. It's an enormous effort.
> Before going on I want to ask if my work could lead in the same result - long breaks of my
> nearly fast computer.
> What else could I do?
> Albrecht

Hallo Albrecht,

As far as I understand from what was written here during the last 
months, all older (stable) and current (unstable) versions still suffer 
from looong pauses when bothered with large documents consisting of many 

There was the promise to revise the code to get rid of this problem, but 
in the meantime splitting the document into smaller parts would be the 
only workaround.


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