[scribus] captured by the skills of 1.5.4.svn

Albrecht Will albrecht.will at online.de
Sun Jan 7 17:54:31 UTC 2018

Hallo and my best wishes for 2018.

Since nearly 10 years I use the development-branch despite the warning with success. And 
the more success you test it harder ...
For a while now - I have a book with 380 pages an over 600 pictures - the breaks are 
longer and longer while scribus works. May be the reason lies in the marks, object-
references and some footnotes for testing, TOC, tables for picture, sources ...(attributes)

I thougth about splitting the file by getting the dependencies (TOCs) and join the parts 
together afterwards. But object-references between different parts are impossble.

Looking for another way I tried today copying into 1.4.6 site by site and picture by picture, 
element by element, finding out, if this is a feasible solution. It's an enormous effort. 
Before going on I want to ask if my work could lead in the same result - long breaks of my 
nearly fast computer.

What else could I do?


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