[scribus] Renew fonts list at runtime?

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Dec 4 13:02:31 UTC 2018


> I didn't have trouble to use any font (de) activated by fontmatrix
> until now. But I have to restart scribus to become it aware of the
> modified font list. Okay, this is not a problem at all but a little
> annoying. So it would be great to have scribus reread the active
> fonts on demand without restarting.

as you discovered, scribus needs to be restarted after you changed the
available fonts.

doing anything for the scripter means also, that one should first get
scribus to discover new fonts without being restarted.

on the one side, this should already be partially possible, since it's
possible to activate and deactivate fonts that are in use in scribus
when no document is open.
the bases are there.

what is probably missing is being able to make sure that the documents
currently being edited can still be edited after the font has been

it's probably not very hard to do, most bits are already in place, and
most of of the work is not inventing new things but combining them...

to be clear: c++ (qt) coding is necessary, not python...

i can give you more infos if you want to go ahead with experimenting
with the scribus code...


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