[scribus] Add icons to the toolbar

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Apr 3 12:35:36 UTC 2018


> My upper orizontal toolbar is far to be overcrowded, for more than an
> half it is empty. And I have enabled File, Edit, Tools and View tools.

i'm pretty sure that i would consider your upper horizontal toolbar
here is what the one of mine looks like:


(and i still would like to get rid of a few icons in the tools
toolbar... like the spiral and the barcode... really, those should only
be in the insert menu... nobody uses them so often that they deserve a
better visibility!)

> Using the contextual menu is very slow and unconfortable: select,
> scroll down, move to right, scroll down and finally do the job.

and here i agree with you. (except, on one small big detail... see

sometimes, contextual menus are a good solution, but in most cases they
are slow and uncomfortable.
most of all, if there are too many items in there and if there are
hidden in sub menus.

i believe that the scribus contextual menu should be put on diet and
become more contextual... that is: provide "fast" access to actions
(without a shortcut) that are likely to be useful in the current
the last refactoring of the contextual menu was well meant, but to me
it has has lead to a worse usability.

(if i right click on an image frame that is not filling its frame there
are 98% chances that i want to adapt the frame to the size of the image
and 1% that i want to adapt the image to the size of the frame)
if those two actions would not be hidden in a submenu, i would say that
the contextual menu is the fastest and most comfortable way to resize
the frame).

ymmv, but your specific example seem to be a perfect fit for a
contextual menu: if i click on a image frame, it's faster to right
click on the same spot, rather than travel half of the screen to click
on a button and then (probably) come back at the same place.


ps.: this longer reply inspired me to a better solution (and a bug
report): now i have ctrl+= as the shortcut for resizing the frame to
the image. (and now i've also been inspired to a feature request)

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