[scribus] Add icons to the toolbar

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Apr 5 01:18:55 UTC 2018

On 04/03/2018 08:35 AM, ale rimoldi wrote:
> hi
>> My upper orizontal toolbar is far to be overcrowded, for more than an
>> half it is empty. And I have enabled File, Edit, Tools and View tools.
> i'm pretty sure that i would consider your upper horizontal toolbar
> overcrowded...
> here is what the one of mine looks like:
> https://framapic.org/kNMkPPwaSmNd/tXuqPujK1kZ6.png
> (and i still would like to get rid of a few icons in the tools
> toolbar... like the spiral and the barcode... really, those should only
> be in the insert menu... nobody uses them so often that they deserve a
> better visibility!)
>> Using the contextual menu is very slow and unconfortable: select,
>> scroll down, move to right, scroll down and finally do the job.
> and here i agree with you. (except, on one small big detail... see
> below...)
> sometimes, contextual menus are a good solution, but in most cases they
> are slow and uncomfortable.
> most of all, if there are too many items in there and if there are
> hidden in sub menus.
> i believe that the scribus contextual menu should be put on diet and
> become more contextual... that is: provide "fast" access to actions
> (without a shortcut) that are likely to be useful in the current
> context.
> the last refactoring of the contextual menu was well meant, but to me
> it has has lead to a worse usability.
> (if i right click on an image frame that is not filling its frame there
> are 98% chances that i want to adapt the frame to the size of the image
> and 1% that i want to adapt the image to the size of the frame)
> if those two actions would not be hidden in a submenu, i would say that
> the contextual menu is the fastest and most comfortable way to resize
> the frame).
> ymmv, but your specific example seem to be a perfect fit for a
> contextual menu: if i click on a image frame, it's faster to right
> click on the same spot, rather than travel half of the screen to click
> on a button and then (probably) come back at the same place.

It may help to reassess the context menu(s), trying to eliminate as many
items as possible. For example, with Image Frames:

1. Make Adjust Frame to Image and Adjust Image to Frame top-level
selections, and at the top of the context menu.
1a. Something else that might also be considered would be to have these
as radio-button choices in the File Dialog when you load an image.
2. Put Preview Settings at the bottom
3. Remove Locking and Level from the context menu - these are easily
available in Properties palette.
4. Fix the confusion between Content > Copy (Ctrl+Shift+C), and Edit >
Copy (Ctrl+C). Since the operations under Edit are in the main menu
under Item, they could be removed from the context menu.


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