[scribus] feedback needed: snap to items

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Apr 3 11:50:01 UTC 2018

hi jluc

> My experience is quite different than yours :
> i allways have snap to item enabled.

i still cannot think of a document where this is a nice thing to have.

can you share a screenshot of a page where you think it's THE way to go?
or even a .sla so that i can play with it and see how it feels (but
only if it's not trivial to recreate...)

you could also try to download and apply the patch and check if
it improves your workflow.
and give feedback.


if i have clear "lines" where to align things, the most convenient way
to go seems to be a guide.
and as soon as guides snap to the items, this will be even more

if i have "blocks" of texts and images, i go for a typographic grid
(easily created with the guides managers, in the columns and rows tab).

and in the cases where guides are not convenient (and there are many
such cases!), i tend to have too many points, where my items could
snap: so many that it's not helpful to have the snap to items enabled.
those are the cases where i keep the align and distribute window open.
or use the arrow keys to move and resize my elements. (and hope that
the alignment is good enough)
in those cases, enabling the snapping to items would simply make my
monitor just flash green.
but those are also the cases where i mostly would need the snapping to
items being available. on a per case basis.

this is such an example, i've been working on lately:
most of the times i want the items to align to the margins or be freely
placed (most of all during the draft stage). sometimes they
should snap to other items.

> So my proposal would rather be
> "why not make it standard behaviour ?"

i think that my explanation above tells you why i think it's not a good
idea to have it as a standard behavior.

here again in two points:

- in the cases where it works well, there seem to be easier way to
  ensure the alignment.
- in the cases where it is useful, you often get too many suggestions
  and it gets disturbing.

personally, i'm not against keeping both ways of enabling the snapping
to items.

but before adding it, i'd really would like to check if the new one
does not make the old one (almost) useless.

until now i've not seen any evidence that simply replacing the feature
would not be an improvement for everybody.
but i've not seen any of your documents, of course!


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