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 >If a large T means a text frame then a large G could mean a graphic frame 
and a large S followed by a tiny e could mean a text frame with easy access 
to the Style Editor

The problem with letters is that they are language specific.

Many Linux applications use svg for icons to avoid issues with scaling 
bitmapped images. For example, try running

find /usr -name '*svg' | less

Scribus already has a few svgs in resources/iconsets/1_5_0/other/ and 

I think that inkscape https://inkscape.org/ is a popular open source tool 
for making svgs, but it takes time to learn. 
I think that Android switched from color icons to black and white icons 
because the icon bar background is controllable by themes, and color icons 
could be hard to see on color backgrounds. Desktop applications like 
Scribus control the background of the icon bar and don't have that 

I have found the answer to one of my complaints. But the cure may be worse 
than the illness. If i click on the rectangle in the upper right hand 
corner the entire scribus image expands  and the icon bar now shows the 
missing icon for the Story Editor.
 Moving this icon to the left part of the icon bar would also eliminate the 
need for this action on the user's part.. I am not so concerned about my 
usage as I am about those who read my book.
 I will look into the resources you cite for svg icons. I am familiar with 
Inkscape and would use it for icon design if/when I design my version of 
the icon bar. One of the objects that Inkscape can create is a push button 
with a value attached. Would that work? Time will tell. :<)

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