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Owen Cook owen.cook at gmx.com
Sat Mar 18 05:13:57 UTC 2017

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> All black icons are OK  with me. Indeed  all grayscale pages save me money. 
> My favorite printer (360 Digital Books) charges for color pages 
> individually. With other digital presses just a single color interior page 
> ups the cost of all pages.
>  My problem with the new icon set stems from the format as tiny png files.  
> If they were not bitmapped but in a vector format I could
>  enlarge them in a how-to book without losing clarity.
>  One important Icon is particularly troublesome The graphic frame symbol 
> does not mean graphic to me. And when enlarged it looks ridiculous.  If a 
> large T means a text frame then a large G could mean a graphic frame and a 
> large S followed by a tiny e could mean
>  a text frame with  easy access to the Style Editor (nonexistent but 
> potentially useful function.)
>  If one can choose an icon bar in preferences maybe I should design my own 
> set in Inkspace and output   each in either icc or pdf format.

Hi John,

Have you looked at File->Preferences->User Interface and the played with the Theme and Icon Set to find something that maybe more suitable for your use?


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