[scribus] Quick route to story editor.

Rolf-Werner Eilert rwe-sse at osnanet.de
Fri Mar 17 08:06:38 UTC 2017

Martin, I agree 100 % with your points

Am 16.03.2017 19:03, schrieb ZASKE Martin:
> We use the Story Editor a lot because we create small multi-page
> documents with enchained text-boxes. Following all those boxes through a
> document would make for crazy scrolling and jumping about.

Just the same here, except posters and flyers with more headline-style work.

> So we like the fact that there is a Story Editor, even in its present
> form, where we can work on an entire text in one window. I would also
> call it a text editor because "story" is not "any text" to me but only
> certain texts.

Maybe that has to do with a German kind of interpretation of the word?

> Still I find the "new" tool-bar icons (the black-only ones) not nice and
> not easy to distinguish on a cluttered screen. They look like they are
> meant to look "sophisticated". But at my work-place I do not want
> sophisticated, I want clarity and speed of access. I love colour-coded
> tools, because my brain can access colour very well.

I agree. There are more and more programs that change their icons to 
black-and-white, even under Windows, and it appears a step backwards to 
me. By the way, I liked KDE's Chrystal SVG iconset most, in fact I still 
use it to decorate my own programs.

> I mainly use the story editor to apply or correct the main formatting.
> Either by applying styles or sometimes applying a direct feature. For
> all the finer tweaking like kerning I want to look at the page, i.e. the
> text in its context.

Well, it is possible to use the editor for applying font styles, and 
sometimes it is much less roundabout than within a frame. It depends on 
font size and background etc. For instance, I once used a "check me" 
icon from an icon font (square with shadow), and the easiest way I found 
to apply this font to the first letter in the line was via the editor, 
though you can only verify the result in the frame.

I use the editor for applying paragraph styles from the list, sometimes 
even hard formattings like centered etc., and more rarely font styles. 
Paragraph styles are indicated, such as center, but it would be useful 
if a font style could be indicated as well - if not shown.

So, I am absolutely satisfied with the editor as it is today, it does 
for me what it's supposed to do. But nothing's so good it couldn't even 
been done better...

> Another detail which would help would be to allow selection of several
> paragraphs with shift-double-click or control-double-click (for
> non-adjacent), like in Windows Explorer one can select several files at
> once.

I agree, choosing several non-consecutive paragraphs via a common system 
of shift or ctrl + mouse (like in every list today) would be great. Or 
what about little checkboxes on the left where the styles are, so you 
can check the paragraphs and then apply whatever you want? That would 
have the advantage to point the user to the fact, that "we are talking 
whole paragraphs here".

Then even an overview of the styles applied on top of the basic 
paragraph style could be shown here (at least as much of it as space 
allows for), so the user can see those at a glance:


Intro Bold
+ center

First par

Body text

Body text
+ indent, left...

Body text

> We love Scribus.



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