[scribus] Quick route to story editor.

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Fri Mar 17 10:07:50 UTC 2017

> On 17 Mar 2017, at 09:06, Rolf-Werner Eilert <rwe-sse at osnanet.de> wrote:
> Martin, I agree 100 % with your points
> Am 16.03.2017 19:03, schrieb ZASKE Martin:
>> We use the Story Editor a lot because we create small multi-page
>> documents with enchained text-boxes. Following all those boxes through a
>> document would make for crazy scrolling and jumping about.
> Just the same here, except posters and flyers with more headline-style work.
>> So we like the fact that there is a Story Editor, even in its present
>> form, where we can work on an entire text in one window. I would also
>> call it a text editor because "story" is not "any text" to me but only
>> certain texts.
> Maybe that has to do with a German kind of interpretation of the word?

Nope, we have defined a single run of text or group of paragraphs to be a "story", that can cross the boundaries of a single text frame. 


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