[scribus] Quick route to story editor.

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Thu Mar 16 18:03:20 UTC 2017

We use the Story Editor a lot because we create small multi-page
documents with enchained text-boxes. Following all those boxes through a
document would make for crazy scrolling and jumping about.

So we like the fact that there is a Story Editor, even in its present
form, where we can work on an entire text in one window. I would also
call it a text editor because "story" is not "any text" to me but only
certain texts.

I never had any problems finding the story editor. (Or rather at one
time a few years back I just accepted that to find anything in Scribus,
one needs to search vigorously once, and then memorize access like
memorizing Greek vocabulary.) I love keyboard short-cuts but am
constantly working in four languages and in many programs my short-cuts
are not working properly (for example because I overlooked that I have
another keyboard active). So having visual icons and menu-entries is a
good and safe fall-back.

Still I find the "new" tool-bar icons (the black-only ones) not nice and
not easy to distinguish on a cluttered screen. They look like they are
meant to look "sophisticated". But at my work-place I do not want
sophisticated, I want clarity and speed of access. I love colour-coded
tools, because my brain can access colour very well.

I mainly use the story editor to apply or correct the main formatting.
Either by applying styles or sometimes applying a direct feature. For
all the finer tweaking like kerning I want to look at the page, i.e. the
text in its context.

So even this one change would make a huge difference for me and our
team: Instead of two clicks, bring up the list of styles on the left of
the Story Editor on single click or even on mouse-over.

Another detail which would help would be to allow selection of several
paragraphs with shift-double-click or control-double-click (for
non-adjacent), like in Windows Explorer one can select several files at

We love Scribus.



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