[scribus] erratic cursor behaviour in 1.5.2

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Mon Mar 13 09:43:48 UTC 2017

> On 13 Mar 2017, at 10:33, ZASKE Martin <zm at revue-gugu.org> wrote:
> Dear list, hope you all had a good weekend.
> This morning I noticed very erratic cursor movements in my Scribus 1.5.2
> in Windows 10 Pro 64bit:
> How to see this:
> - make a new document
> - make a nice big text-frame
> - insert any text, why not Scribus sample text
> - double click into the text-frame to have a cursor
> - hit "Pos 1" or "home" on your keyboard to send the cursor to the left edge
> - now move up or down with the up- or down-keys on your keyboard.
> On my machine the cursor does an amazing "dance": On most up or down
> moves, it goes just one character sideways, as if line-length is offset
> in some internal counter.
> But for certain lines, it jumps for several characters sideways or even
> several words.
> I hate grabbing my mouse in-between, when I do text-work. I normally do
> all my movements and selections with my arrow-keys, combining with CTRL
> and/or SHIFT as needed. This erratic cursor-hopping-about is not helpful.
> I guess this is not new, if if were all new this morning, my brain would
> have probably made more of an outcry.
> But it is really bugging me today. Do any other users see this
> behaviour? I tried several fonts and got the same. Do I need to file a
> bug-report or is there some hidden logic behind this way of moving the
> cursor.
> Just for comparison, I tried the same test with my 1.5.3svn and the
> cursor behaves "normally". So maybe this is a known and fixed issue?
> Your input is welcome, thank you,
> Martin
> ___

The entire text system has been rewritten in 1.5.2 and 1.5.3 and thus includes better cursor handling. There's no point opening a bug for a problem that is solved in 1.5.3.svn however. Just wait for when we release that. Soon.


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