[scribus] erratic cursor behaviour in 1.5.2

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Mon Mar 13 09:33:37 UTC 2017

Dear list, hope you all had a good weekend.

This morning I noticed very erratic cursor movements in my Scribus 1.5.2
in Windows 10 Pro 64bit:

How to see this:
- make a new document
- make a nice big text-frame
- insert any text, why not Scribus sample text
- double click into the text-frame to have a cursor
- hit "Pos 1" or "home" on your keyboard to send the cursor to the left edge
- now move up or down with the up- or down-keys on your keyboard.

On my machine the cursor does an amazing "dance": On most up or down
moves, it goes just one character sideways, as if line-length is offset
in some internal counter.

But for certain lines, it jumps for several characters sideways or even
several words.

I hate grabbing my mouse in-between, when I do text-work. I normally do
all my movements and selections with my arrow-keys, combining with CTRL
and/or SHIFT as needed. This erratic cursor-hopping-about is not helpful.

I guess this is not new, if if were all new this morning, my brain would
have probably made more of an outcry.

But it is really bugging me today. Do any other users see this
behaviour? I tried several fonts and got the same. Do I need to file a
bug-report or is there some hidden logic behind this way of moving the

Just for comparison, I tried the same test with my 1.5.3svn and the
cursor behaves "normally". So maybe this is a known and fixed issue?

Your input is welcome, thank you,


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