[scribus] Page numbering

Håkan Löfgren hakan.lofgren46 at outlook.com
Wed Mar 8 17:36:17 UTC 2017

Greg, this is not a font problem, have tried more fonts.

Martin, I have also done exactly like you, started a new document. Same problem. I had to test a new document, because my problem document was originally from version, opened in 1.5.2 and modified.

But you forgot to read this:
"I used "Apply Master Pages" and chose "All Pages". Does not work. When I go back to the Apply Master Pages menu, it still says "Current Page". Impossible to change."
Why can't I change to "All Pages"? One page has page number, the other pages a square. First PDF has page number on page 1. Next PDF from the same document has page number on page 8, rest is squares. ?????

And if "Apply Master Pages" says "Current Page", that means one page with number, the others without numbers, NOT with a square. Isn't that correct?

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