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ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Wed Mar 8 18:38:55 UTC 2017

Dear Haakan, sorry for your troubles,

I did more testing after your second mail. I used an existing document
with six already existing pages. Then added page number into a master page.

Now I requested the master page to be applied to all six pages and I got
page numbers correctly visible for all pages inside Scribus.

But when I do PDF export from Scribus (default settings), I get only
pages 2 and 6 numbered nicely and empty boxes where page-numbers 1, 3,
4, 5 should be.

Then I tried another PDF export with outline-all-fonts (which is my
personal default because of our exotic language situation) and I got
pages 2, 4, 6 numbered nicely and no boxes, just white space, where
page-numbers 1, 3, 5 should be.

I agree with you now, that applying page-numbering to a master page and
then applying that modified master page to existing pages does result in
properly visible pages within Scribus and erratic PDF-export.

I did not try printing from Scribus, because I could re-create your
problem with the PDF-export and did not want to punish any forest for this.

Sorry, at the moment I do not have more time. But if you want to file a
bug report and mail the link, I will try again your "how to reproduce"
and will confirm to the bug-tracker for my system. Thank you for sharing
this information.

Personally I hope that you will find a workaround for the moment. You
might try to first prepare your master page and then have Scribus
generate fresh pages, while using the master page.

Then you could try copy&pasting your existing document from another
Scribus instance. I discovered once how to select an entire page (even
over several layers) by using the "Outline" window (menu > Windows >
Outline). You will loose the layer-information but might be able to
rescue your existing work from the former version. But I do not know how
extensive your document is and whether it would work on your system.



On 08.03.2017 18:36, Håkan Löfgren wrote:
> Greg, this is not a font problem, have tried more fonts.
> Martin, I have also done exactly like you, started a new document. Same problem. I had to test a new document, because my problem document was originally from version, opened in 1.5.2 and modified.
> But you forgot to read this:
> "I used "Apply Master Pages" and chose "All Pages". Does not work. When I go back to the Apply Master Pages menu, it still says "Current Page". Impossible to change."
> Why can't I change to "All Pages"? One page has page number, the other pages a square. First PDF has page number on page 1. Next PDF from the same document has page number on page 8, rest is squares. ?????
> And if "Apply Master Pages" says "Current Page", that means one page with number, the others without numbers, NOT with a square. Isn't that correct?
> Haakan
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