[scribus] text along path & other little things

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue Jun 13 13:54:06 UTC 2017

On 06/13/2017 04:51 AM, Václav Šmilauer wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I was now doing something small with text-on-path and I was stumbling
> repeatedly accross a few points where I am perhaps not seeing an
> obvious solution, some of that might be bugs, some of that unknown
> bugs. Using Scribus 1.5.4 svn. Comments appreciated:
> 1. When I want to attach several pieces of text to the same path, I
> need to copy&paste the path so that I can re-use it?

There are various ways to go about this. The simplest way might be to
copy the item (text on path), then with the copy, select Story Editor to
edit the text on the copy's path.

> 2. How can I change sense of text (left-right) on the path? There is
> the "Flip text" option, which flips it vertically, so I need to have
> something similar for the horizontal case? (I tried setting negative
> scaling width of characters, but that does not let me go below 0%. Path
> editing does not have any option to invert the sense, either.

Not sure what you're trying to do. With the new RTL support, the old
"reverse text" option is now gone. What you get from RTL is
I found that with various sequences of Flipping the text in the Path
Text Properties, and flipping the frame horizontally and/or vertically,
I could at some times get something that resembles the old reverse text

> 3. For closed paths, I cannot put anything just across the
> beginning&end point; being able to cycle along the path anywhere would
> be nice.


> 4. (unrelated to paths, just sharing:) the Geometry > Rotation spinbox
> wraps from 359°→0° but not 0°→359°...?

Yes, there is a directionality to the rotation, but of course -10° = +350°

> 5. Export as Image only makes it possible to enter integer resolution;
> with page 160mmx90mm (16:9), I could not export to 1920x1080 exactly
> due to rounding (304dpi too little, 305dpi too much, with things like
> 1920x1081) and had to make the page a fraction of mm smaller so that
> the resulting pixel size is right.

If the precise end size is important, why not just export to PDF?


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