[scribus] text along path & other little things

Václav Šmilauer eu at doxos.eu
Tue Jun 13 08:51:41 UTC 2017

Hi everybody,

I was now doing something small with text-on-path and I was stumbling
repeatedly accross a few points where I am perhaps not seeing an
obvious solution, some of that might be bugs, some of that unknown
bugs. Using Scribus 1.5.4 svn. Comments appreciated:

1. When I want to attach several pieces of text to the same path, I
need to copy&paste the path so that I can re-use it?

2. How can I change sense of text (left-right) on the path? There is
the "Flip text" option, which flips it vertically, so I need to have
something similar for the horizontal case? (I tried setting negative
scaling width of characters, but that does not let me go below 0%. Path
editing does not have any option to invert the sense, either.

3. For closed paths, I cannot put anything just across the
beginning&end point; being able to cycle along the path anywhere would
be nice.

4. (unrelated to paths, just sharing:) the Geometry > Rotation spinbox
wraps from 359°→0° but not 0°→359°...?

5. Export as Image only makes it possible to enter integer resolution;
with page 160mmx90mm (16:9), I could not export to 1920x1080 exactly
due to rounding (304dpi too little, 305dpi too much, with things like
1920x1081) and had to make the page a fraction of mm smaller so that
the resulting pixel size is right.


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