[scribus] Scribus now ready for our language (this is a thank-you note to Peter, my hero for today)

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Wed Jan 25 20:01:59 UTC 2017


this is getting better every week, thank you very much.

I was about to write you a mildly-grumpy reply and decided to try it
out. And high and behold: It works!!! (1.5.3)

I had known about styles having their languages and that makes total
sense, especially in our project with many mixed-language-documents (and
in a tiny country with 52 languages). But just now I discovered that the
list under styles characters is now much much longer than the list under

Soonish (after some travel) I will figure out how to apply that to
default styles for any new text in certain documents or
document-templates for our office. Really nice.

So my mild grumpiness is getting smaller and smaller and I would just
keep wondering what we need to do to make it unto the special-VIP-list
for setting up an entire document as Anii (versus French). This is of
course less important (just about our pride or maybe about the
self-esteem of that small people group).

For now we rejoice that we can makes nices documentses and do spell
checking without getting bleeding fingers from fighting against some
default. Peter, you made my day!

Thanks again,


On 19.01.2017 07:32, Peter Nermander wrote:
>> French. It would be awesome to tell Scribus at document level that this
>> entire beast is an Anii-document, so all text-frames and
>> spelling-dialogues would default to Anii rather than English.
>>From what I understand the language is a property of the character
> style. So, just make character styles for your languages and this should
> work as intended.
> I guess character style was chosen because sometimes you want to have
> single words of a different language in a paragraph, by using character
> styles for language setting you can make spell checking work even for
> single words in another language. No need to exclude the word from spell
> checking becuase you are mixing languages.
> /Peter
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