[scribus] Some observations after using 1.5.3 for a while

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Feb 23 13:59:42 UTC 2017

hi martin

> I had asked a few weeks ago on this list about just getting ready-made
> exes for Windows and Linux and I have kindly received links and could
> get 1.5.3 for Windows.

in the meantime, the automatic creation of appimages for linux has been 
fixed and as mentioned in the other email, you can download it.

if you're on ubuntu (and your ubuntu is new enough) you should also be 
able to use the daily PPA:


it's probably the best bet.
i have not tested it, but then, you will probably have scribus (1.4), 
scribus-ng (1.5.2) and scribus-trunk (1.5.3)

> Then I wanted 1.5.3 for our office computers (for Linux) and found out
> that we cannot easily install 1.5.2 and 1.5.3 side-by-side.

yes, it depends on how you install them.

with appimages and with PPAs you should be able to install multiple 
scribus side by side.

> So this list informed me, that if we compile ourselves, we have a choice
> of where the output goes - and that supposedly is a way to have both
> versions 1.5.2 and 1.5.3 on one machine.

this is the harder way and at that time it might have been the only way.

> This is working fine so far. Work in a virtual machine takes
> somewhat longer? Fine.

for most things it is not really noticeable.
but if you plan to compile Qt on a virtual machine you will suffer.

you will also notice when compiling scribus, but it's not that terrible.

> Then I also very recently received instructions from this list on how to
> compile 1.5.3 for Ubuntu (because the ready-made stuff is killing our
> 1.5.2 installation, remember). And trying those rather
> all-over-the-place instructions I had error-messages about Qt5-elements
> missing.

in my eyes some of the instructions are sub-optimal.

> I am very sad to hear, that what I was trying to do was "the most
> useless thing".

the whole thing together is imo rather a bad choice.
each step can be rational, but looking at it as a whole, it does not 
make much sense in my eyes...

most of all, because in the meantime the automatic building of the 
appimages has been fixed.

> I am puzzled anyway that there are several web-pages on
> the wiki which explain how-to build.

if you look deep enough in the wiki you will find any statement and its 

> And even when I asked on this list,
> I received the advice to google plus I received links for two different
> pages. From my recent experience, there is no clear instruction, which
> will work "as written".

as far as i know, there is at least one instruction that is mostly 
correct (in my eyes) and if it does not work, the author is ready to fix it.
but some time ago, i've mostly stopped to step in, when somebody gives 
advises i don't agree with.

> Maybe you - or somebody else on the list - who has really understood
> this building stuff and who is actually doing it (now, in February 2017)
> on a real Ubuntu could take a moment and share his or her secrets.

some time ago, i've written this:


it should work (i've updated and checked the list of packages before 
pasting the link)

> So please help me. Make my efforts more than totally useless. Help me
> please to install a working 1.5.3 on my intern's computer (and in my
> virtual Ubuntu for testing) - while still keeping the busy 1.5.2 too.

as said above:

- first choice the ppa
- second choice the appimage
- if everything fails, compile the current code. (but try to avoid to 
compile Qt)

> Yes, this is emotional, yes you challenged me with your very direct
> message. Now make me happy again please.

i can only suggest you to ask earlier and ask often.
before you are in bad mood because you're stuck : - )

it's not really hard to compile scribus, but if you are not used to the 
command line (i don't know if you are) and if you have never compiled 
software before, you might feel overwhelmed.

and, no, i did not want to challenge you.
but since i'm not in africa, i have only little time for writing my 
emails, and my words can come over a bit harsh...

> (And even as we are speaking,
> the team is next door, testing the prototype of the new
> childrens'-activity-sheets-series with real children (though in a
> lab-like-situation; luckily with no probes in their brains, just more
> observers in the room). So this is not about me nerding about, I want
> this minority language to have a working tool for publishing documents
> without hacks and tricks. Just normal publishing, like you have for
> English already. 1.5.3 is the solution. And 1.6. We just need to get it
> working on our computers.


good luck!

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