[scribus] Some observations after using 1.5.3 for a while

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Thu Feb 23 10:53:52 UTC 2017

On 23.02.2017 09:36, ale rimoldi wrote:
> hi martin
>> Right now I am trying to compile - but now struggling to download a lot
>> of QT5 stuff for my Ubuntu virtual machine (there was some "linguistic"
>> stuff missing in my packet-manager, so now I go for the entire installer
>> from the QT website). 1.5.3 will be awesome for our language.
> imo, if you're trying to get the newest scribus to run in a virtual
> machine the most useless thing to do, is to compile / manally fetch
> parts (or all) of qt!
> first, use a linux distribution / version that has everything you need
> for compiling scribus.
> the latest ubuntu and debian testing are (as an example) more than fine.
> second: i hope you know that compiling in a vm takes much longer than
> doing the same on your computer...
> third, if you have different goals than compiling scribus (and making
> patches), there are easier ways to get the newest 1.5.3 (for ubuntu
> there should be a ppa... or we can provide links for downloading
> appimages...)
> ciao
> a.l.e

Dear a.l.e

I had asked a few weeks ago on this list about just getting ready-made
exes for Windows and Linux and I have kindly received links and could
get 1.5.3 for Windows.

Then I wanted 1.5.3 for our office computers (for Linux) and found out
that we cannot easily install 1.5.2 and 1.5.3 side-by-side.

So this list informed me, that if we compile ourselves, we have a choice
of where the output goes - and that supposedly is a way to have both
versions 1.5.2 and 1.5.3 on one machine. (Background: We need 1.5.2 for
daily production. And we are really drooling about 1.5.3, because it
fixes serious problems for our language here. So we are trying to do our
part - in testing - and are spying to not miss the day, when we can use
1.5.3 to make real documents. We were hoping to even make simple
four-page sheets even now on 1.5.3.)

Now I cannot own several computers (money problem) so I got myself a
computer with more RAM and an i5 planning to run virtual machines as
needed. This is working fine so far. Work in a virtual machine takes
somewhat longer? Fine. Here in Africa, we got more time than money...

Then I also very recently received instructions from this list on how to
compile 1.5.3 for Ubuntu (because the ready-made stuff is killing our
1.5.2 installation, remember). And trying those rather
all-over-the-place instructions I had error-messages about Qt5-elements

And then I did what the instructions are saying, on the page entitled
"Building SVN versions with CMake" under the sub-heading "Getting and
installing Qt5". I figured "if I get the entire beast, nothing should
then be missing".

I am very sad to hear, that what I was trying to do was "the most
useless thing". I am puzzled anyway that there are several web-pages on
the wiki which explain how-to build. And even when I asked on this list,
I received the advice to google plus I received links for two different
pages. From my recent experience, there is no clear instruction, which
will work "as written". I am running an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with as many
updates as I can get each week, so rather up-to-date.

Maybe you - or somebody else on the list - who has really understood
this building stuff and who is actually doing it (now, in February 2017)
on a real Ubuntu could take a moment and share his or her secrets.

Here is an example: The instructions on the page named above are giving
a nice list of required libs for qt5. But they do not correspond to the
package names in my Ubuntu. Maybe I need to subscribe to an additional
repository? That would be helpful to be mentioned in the instructions.

The first item in the requireds-list starts with Qt5Core and even that
is not listed. I have many packages starting with Qt5 and I have for
example libqt5core5a, so is this right, or what is with the 5a?

And what about the missing linguistic tool? You write that the latest
Ubuntu does have all that is needed. I find qt4-linguist-tools (so the
search in my package manager is not broken) but I need something like
qt5-linguist-tools because my cmake is complaining and stopping about
that one. Where is it?

So please help me. Make my efforts more than totally useless. Help me
please to install a working 1.5.3 on my intern's computer (and in my
virtual Ubuntu for testing) - while still keeping the busy 1.5.2 too. We
want to be part of the ongoing development. What I am seeing on my
Windows 10 (no more problems with stacking diacritics, finally spell
checking our language one more time before PDF-export) is so nice that I
want our office to have that too, not just the boss.

Yes, this is emotional, yes you challenged me with your very direct
message. Now make me happy again please. (And even as we are speaking,
the team is next door, testing the prototype of the new
childrens'-activity-sheets-series with real children (though in a
lab-like-situation; luckily with no probes in their brains, just more
observers in the room). So this is not about me nerding about, I want
this minority language to have a working tool for publishing documents
without hacks and tricks. Just normal publishing, like you have for
English already. 1.5.3 is the solution. And 1.6. We just need to get it
working on our computers.

greetings, Martin

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