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ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Fri Feb 24 11:01:58 UTC 2017

Dear a.l.e,

you are my hero. You are very direct, but you know your stuff. Respect.
I was not grumpy, because I was stuck: I was grumpy because the
documentation felt like it was all over the place and I tried following
previous advice from this list and then you told me that my efforts were
useless. Never mind.

As I said before, I want to make documents for our language, not mess
with the underlying IT, when other people are so much more competent in
that area.

So, I can report success, as of last night and this morning: I went and
looked over your own write-up for compiling and I liked it. That shall
be my plan B.

Then I went to the ppa archive and added that repository. And then I
"just" installed a fresh version 1.5.3 and next to it (yeah) the version
1.5.2, aka Scribus-ng. This worked just fine, no problems and both
programs seem to be functional by first quick test.

This means that now I can test 1.5.3 on my own Windows 10 machine and in
my virtual Ubuntu. I will not actively search for bugs, but will try to
report if ever I find something which would hurt our documents.

Then I just went this morning and started learning about AppImages and I
love the concept. Linux is a beautiful idea. But being spread thin into
all those distros was always a pain for me. If you run a busy office
with need for a mix of tools, you keep hearing that you got the wrong
distro for this or that. (Linguistics, audio-studio work, Publishing)

So hopefully later, I can report, that we got tests running on several
OpenSuse machines too. What I am seeing of 1.5.3 so far, is definitely
worth the hassle of keeping more than one version.

Thank you a.l.e!!! All is well, greetings to the group. Guess what, I am
promoting Scribus all over Benin and Togo.


On 23.02.2017 14:59, ale rimoldi wrote:
> hi martin
>> I had asked a few weeks ago on this list about just getting ready-made
>> exes for Windows and Linux and I have kindly received links and could
>> get 1.5.3 for Windows.
> in the meantime, the automatic creation of appimages for linux has been
> fixed and as mentioned in the other email, you can download it.
> if you're on ubuntu (and your ubuntu is new enough) you should also be
> able to use the daily PPA:
> https://launchpad.net/~scribus/+archive/ubuntu/ppa
> it's probably the best bet.
> i have not tested it, but then, you will probably have scribus (1.4),
> scribus-ng (1.5.2) and scribus-trunk (1.5.3)
>> Then I wanted 1.5.3 for our office computers (for Linux) and found out
>> that we cannot easily install 1.5.2 and 1.5.3 side-by-side.
> yes, it depends on how you install them.
> with appimages and with PPAs you should be able to install multiple
> scribus side by side.
>> So this list informed me, that if we compile ourselves, we have a choice
>> of where the output goes - and that supposedly is a way to have both
>> versions 1.5.2 and 1.5.3 on one machine.
> this is the harder way and at that time it might have been the only way.
>> This is working fine so far. Work in a virtual machine takes
>> somewhat longer? Fine.
> for most things it is not really noticeable.
> but if you plan to compile Qt on a virtual machine you will suffer.
> you will also notice when compiling scribus, but it's not that terrible.
>> Then I also very recently received instructions from this list on how to
>> compile 1.5.3 for Ubuntu (because the ready-made stuff is killing our
>> 1.5.2 installation, remember). And trying those rather
>> all-over-the-place instructions I had error-messages about Qt5-elements
>> missing.
> in my eyes some of the instructions are sub-optimal.
>> I am very sad to hear, that what I was trying to do was "the most
>> useless thing".
> the whole thing together is imo rather a bad choice.
> each step can be rational, but looking at it as a whole, it does not
> make much sense in my eyes...
> most of all, because in the meantime the automatic building of the
> appimages has been fixed.
>> I am puzzled anyway that there are several web-pages on
>> the wiki which explain how-to build.
> if you look deep enough in the wiki you will find any statement and its
> contrary.
>> And even when I asked on this list,
>> I received the advice to google plus I received links for two different
>> pages. From my recent experience, there is no clear instruction, which
>> will work "as written".
> as far as i know, there is at least one instruction that is mostly
> correct (in my eyes) and if it does not work, the author is ready to fix
> it.
> but some time ago, i've mostly stopped to step in, when somebody gives
> advises i don't agree with.
>> Maybe you - or somebody else on the list - who has really understood
>> this building stuff and who is actually doing it (now, in February 2017)
>> on a real Ubuntu could take a moment and share his or her secrets.
> some time ago, i've written this:
> https://github.com/aoloe/scribus-manual-development/blob/master/content/getting-started/getting-started.md
> it should work (i've updated and checked the list of packages before
> pasting the link)
>> So please help me. Make my efforts more than totally useless. Help me
>> please to install a working 1.5.3 on my intern's computer (and in my
>> virtual Ubuntu for testing) - while still keeping the busy 1.5.2 too.
> as said above:
> - first choice the ppa
> - second choice the appimage
> - if everything fails, compile the current code. (but try to avoid to
> compile Qt)
>> Yes, this is emotional, yes you challenged me with your very direct
>> message. Now make me happy again please.
> i can only suggest you to ask earlier and ask often.
> before you are in bad mood because you're stuck : - )
> it's not really hard to compile scribus, but if you are not used to the
> command line (i don't know if you are) and if you have never compiled
> software before, you might feel overwhelmed.
> and, no, i did not want to challenge you.
> but since i'm not in africa, i have only little time for writing my
> emails, and my words can come over a bit harsh...
>> (And even as we are speaking,
>> the team is next door, testing the prototype of the new
>> childrens'-activity-sheets-series with real children (though in a
>> lab-like-situation; luckily with no probes in their brains, just more
>> observers in the room). So this is not about me nerding about, I want
>> this minority language to have a working tool for publishing documents
>> without hacks and tricks. Just normal publishing, like you have for
>> English already. 1.5.3 is the solution. And 1.6. We just need to get it
>> working on our computers.
> yeah!
> good luck!
> a.l.e
> ___
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