[scribus] Best way to save a "Scribus object"

Wayne DePrince Jr. waynedpj at in-giro.xyz
Mon Feb 20 17:25:41 UTC 2017

Il giorno ven, 17/02/2017 alle 13.57 +0100, ZASKE Martin ha scritto:
> Dear list,
> I have just created a special slogan. I used a purchased pretty font and
> converted a phrase - after nice kerning etc - in Scribus from text frame
> to contours (French version, sorry).
> Then I manipulated my slogan, creating missing characters by
> double-clicking where needed and editing the vector data of each contour.
> Then I grouped the entire phrase into a group-of-contours.
> I know that maybe I should have done all this in Inkscape. (But Inkscape
> is rather clumsy with text, so I wanted Scribus to make the raw sentence
> "nice", before starting to edit.)
> Now I got a Scribus document with just one-group-of-13-contours in it.
> This is our new slogan for a series of childrens' documents.
> How should I best save/store/export this, so that the layout person on
> another computer can most easily use it in several scribus documents,
> please?
> My ideas so far:
> I can just save the group on a page as a Scribus-document. But then the
> layouter needs to import that entire page and cut the object (group) and
> place it where it belongs and then delete the page which served just for
> transport. Feels like there should be something more elegant.
> I tried selecting my group and exporting as .eps and it did create
> something; but that something does not seem to be a proper .eps
> document. Is there a way to export vector-objects rather than entire
> Scribus documents?
> On my own computer, I can quite nicely "send" it by right-click into an
> album. I did not find "album" anywhere in help. Is there a best-practise
> how to share (or at least copy and import) an album between several
> computers?
> Thank you for your input,
> Martin
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ahoy Zaske,

	in Srcibus 1.5+ i made extensive use of Symbols which worked
wonderfully to create a library of reusable SVG/vector objects.  it also
helped reduce the resulting PDF dramatically.  however i am not sure how you
would export them to other Scribus users, though i would guess that simply
sharing a document with the Symbols would work.  hope that helps.

peace, w


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