[scribus] Best way to save a "Scribus object"

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Sat Feb 18 11:28:59 UTC 2017

On 17.02.2017 15:57, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>  If you create a new scrapbook directory in the
> Scrapbook dialog, you will at least know where things get saved.
> At the same time, you might do best for sending this to someone else by
> giving them a single page document with your object on it, then having
> them save the object to their Scrapbook. Once they save to their
> scrapbook, it will always be available when they open Scribus, even with
> a new document. The other thing about Scrapbook items is that if you
> right-click and select Paste to Page, the item will be placed where it
> was originally when sent to the Scrapbook.

Dear Greg,

I had hoped for something like this. So I mark your suggestions as "The
Answer" and thank you. I believe "album" is the French name for "Scrapbook".

I will do this with our intern next week - for the new logo - and if it
works fine for her, will train the entire team about this new trick. We
have several logos and items which keep coming up in our publications.
So we can have one master folder on our office NAS and then each user
will create their own scrap book.

I love your hint about placing items from the Scrapbook. I had myself
discovered by chance that I can copy and paste location-stably within a
Scribus document or between two open Scribus documents if I take care
not to select any other item before pasting; before that discovery,
pasting always felt rather erratic.

good weekend and thanks again,


ZASKE Martin
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