[scribus] Best way to save a "Scribus object"

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Fri Feb 17 14:57:40 UTC 2017

On 02/17/2017 07:57 AM, ZASKE Martin wrote:
> Dear list,
> I have just created a special slogan. I used a purchased pretty font and
> converted a phrase - after nice kerning etc - in Scribus from text frame
> to contours (French version, sorry).
> Then I manipulated my slogan, creating missing characters by
> double-clicking where needed and editing the vector data of each contour.
> Then I grouped the entire phrase into a group-of-contours.
> I know that maybe I should have done all this in Inkscape. (But Inkscape
> is rather clumsy with text, so I wanted Scribus to make the raw sentence
> "nice", before starting to edit.)
> Now I got a Scribus document with just one-group-of-13-contours in it.
> This is our new slogan for a series of childrens' documents.
> How should I best save/store/export this, so that the layout person on
> another computer can most easily use it in several scribus documents,
> please?
> My ideas so far:
> I can just save the group on a page as a Scribus-document. But then the
> layouter needs to import that entire page and cut the object (group) and
> place it where it belongs and then delete the page which served just for
> transport. Feels like there should be something more elegant.
> I tried selecting my group and exporting as .eps and it did create
> something; but that something does not seem to be a proper .eps
> document. Is there a way to export vector-objects rather than entire
> Scribus documents?
> On my own computer, I can quite nicely "send" it by right-click into an
> album. I did not find "album" anywhere in help. Is there a best-practise
> how to share (or at least copy and import) an album between several
> computers?

I think that saving to a Scrapbook is the best thing (I guess that is
what you call album). I think it's best to put it in a directory that
you make for the purpose. In the 1.4.x versions, various things were
saved in the .scribus directory, where there was a scrapbook
subdirectory. In 1.5.x, config files now go into .config/scribus, but
there is no scrapbook subdirectory, so I don't know where they go. I
have some items saved in the "Main" scrapbook directory, but I can't
find where that is. If you create a new scrapbook directory in the
Scrapbook dialog, you will at least know where things get saved.

At the same time, you might do best for sending this to someone else by
giving them a single page document with your object on it, then having
them save the object to their Scrapbook. Once they save to their
scrapbook, it will always be available when they open Scribus, even with
a new document. The other thing about Scrapbook items is that if you
right-click and select Paste to Page, the item will be placed where it
was originally when sent to the Scrapbook.


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