[scribus] Using ppas on ubuntu.

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Hooray! I
 now have Scribus 153 on a reasonable OS via Appimage. Now I am busy adding the other tools vital to my publishing business, including Ocular, Gvim, the whole 9 yards. (Texlive was there already)
 Thanks triple J, I am in your debt.
 The other John

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Then I heard about scribus-1.5.3-linux-x86-64.Appimage. I downloaded it and discovered that it is the whole thing - all the dependencies and what-nots that Scribus 1.5.3 needs are included so the file is actually an executable for Scribus 1.5.3. After downloading it (181 MB) I just double-clicked on the file, et voilà ! I had Scribus 1.5.3 running perfectly on my Xubuntu 14.04 computers! If all that doesn't get you what you want, shout back and I'll try again. :)

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