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What is your OS?
 If it helps I can tar and bundle up the results of my last successful 
compile of the svn version (gzip or b2zip,  your choice)
 and post it on my web site. I use Slackware Linux 14.2
 John Culletpn

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Subject: [scribus] Scribus AppImage   
 *Hi All*

Has anyone got news about the AppImage for the latest Scribus?? There
was some discussion about this a week or two back and it seems that some
bits were not included in the Image for it to work correctly.

As my OpSys will not update the Repo right now this is the only way I
have to go.

I'm already using the AppImage for another program I use, (Kexi), and
this works very well indeed.
It seems strange that the Scribus AppImage can not be fixed!!

Really want to get to grips with the new Scribus. Any info would be


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