[scribus] Some portions of a page goes down and mixes with the main text frame

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Mon Jul 4 13:42:46 UTC 2016

On 07/04/2016 08:13 AM, Barbaros Akkurt wrote:
> Hello,
> Some clarifications are in order:
> I am working with scientific journal articles and there are headers and
> footers just composed of text boxes having page number, author names, etc.
> When I finish a layout editing that has 20 pages, for example, and when I
> check the first few pages, I am seeing that these headers go down into the
> margin and mix with the real text frame. It is not very hard to move them
> back, but I would welcome the effort why I can prevent them going down.
> Similarly, the left half of some tables go down, as well. I will keep in
> mind that when this happens again, I can provide a sla file to whoever is
> interested. A question: Shall I make everything locked with Ctrl+L?

It won't hurt to try locking frames, though why you should need to do
this I don't understand.

There should be some answer to this. I would be worth uploading a file
to the bug report that a.l.e pointed out. As you can see in that prior
report, there was nothing to check since no file that demonstrated this
was ever uploaded.

Which OS do you use? Linux/OSX/Win?
Are you using Master Pages for these headers and footers? Layers?


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