[scribus] Some portions of a page goes down and mixes with the main text frame

Barbaros Akkurt editor.ejtcs at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 12:13:52 UTC 2016

Some clarifications are in order:
I am working with scientific journal articles and there are headers and
footers just composed of text boxes having page number, author names, etc.
When I finish a layout editing that has 20 pages, for example, and when I
check the first few pages, I am seeing that these headers go down into the
margin and mix with the real text frame. It is not very hard to move them
back, but I would welcome the effort why I can prevent them going down.
Similarly, the left half of some tables go down, as well. I will keep in
mind that when this happens again, I can provide a sla file to whoever is
interested. A question: Shall I make everything locked with Ctrl+L?
Barbaros Akkurt
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