[scribus] Import Multiple Picture Files via xml file

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun Jan 24 01:13:43 UTC 2016

On 01/23/2016 11:06 AM, Perrine Lenfantin wrote:
> Dear Scribus community,
> I am a beginner user of Scribus. I used to work with InDesign and would
> like to make a change.
> I have one specific need : importing multiple (200-400) picture files
> (.jpeg, .png, .tif, etc.) automatically into one document.
> On InDesign, I use a very simple xml file (with <article> nodes containing
> both <text> and <picture> sub-nodes) and a script which imports it and
> places the frames where I need them.
> I have looked at the xml importing add-ins offered with scribus and can't
> find an existing tool for this.
> Now my enquiries :
> * Did I overlook something, is it already possible?
> * If I didn't, I would be interested in working on a solution, especially
> if this is sth others would find useful : so, is it?
> * As a new user with very little experiment in development (one has to
> start somewhere...), I would need advice and help as to where to look, what
> to expect, etc. Apart from this list, is there any other place to ask? (And
> is it ok to ask here?)

Python scripts will be your best method in Scribus.
Look at these:



where the basic idea is to automatically create a document from a set of
images, along with some text frames interspersed.

What you need to consider is the layout you wish to create, and what
sort of directory structure of the content will best support your
intentions. How much automatic operation do you want? Some of the more
basic examples have a very automatic method, where you just indicate the
directory and that's it.


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