[scribus] Import Multiple Picture Files via xml file

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Jan 23 16:49:59 UTC 2016


> I am a beginner user of Scribus. I used to work with InDesign and
> would like to make a change.
> I have one specific need : importing multiple (200-400) picture files
> (.jpeg, .png, .tif, etc.) automatically into one document.
> On InDesign, I use a very simple xml file (with <article> nodes
> containing both <text> and <picture> sub-nodes) and a script which
> imports it and places the frames where I need them.
> I have looked at the xml importing add-ins offered with scribus and
> can't find an existing tool for this.

afaict, there is no ready made tool for this, no.

but you can write a python script that does what you want.

you can match existing frames and fill them with images or create new
pages and frames and put the images into them.

in the "F1" help there is a section "for developers" with more
information on scripting scribus.

the most important part being the one on the "Scribus API"...

i would need more information on the exact task you want to achieve, to
tell if it's more or less easy to do...

but we can for sure help you achieve your goal

> Now my enquiries :
> * Did I overlook something, is it already possible?
> * If I didn't, I would be interested in working on a solution,
> especially if this is sth others would find useful : so, is it?

it is! and there might already be sample scripts in the wiki:


> * As a new user with very little experiment in development (one has to
> start somewhere...), I would need advice and help as to where to
> look, what to expect, etc. Apart from this list, is there any other
> place to ask? (And is it ok to ask here?)

this is probably the best place for asking...

but we also have forums (http://forums.scribus.net), an irc channel on
freenode (http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Special:WebChat), a french
speaking forum on linuxgraphic.org and more or less official channels a
bit everywhere (facebook, twitter, g+, stackoverflow, ...) if you
prefer :-)

have a nice weekend

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