[scribus] How to forbid hyphenation of a single word?

David Goss goss at fstrf.org
Thu Dec 8 12:35:02 UTC 2016

You are looking for the ignore list.

Go to File > Document Setup. In the Hyphenator section, click the Word
Lists tab. You want to add the word that shouldn't be hyphenated to the
Ignore List on the right. (The Exceptions list on the left is for defining
how to hyphenate words that aren't being hyphenated correctly.

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Hi everybody,

I am struggling to find two very simple things, maybe not knowing what 
to call them:

 1. Mark an entire word as non-breakable in the story editor (like
    putting inside \hbox{...} in TeX), i.e. forbidding any linebreak
    within that word.
 2. Insert zero-width non-breakable space into text (I tried U+FEFF but
    it still got broken?), i.e. forbid linebreak at that particular
    point only?

It is a word which is at the same time a web address, so I prefer to 
keep it together.



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