[scribus] CTL code merge successfully finished. This is huge!

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Wed Dec 7 09:09:23 UTC 2016

The new version will un-load me for real:

so far we had to manually move certain combining diacritical markers to
where they belong, namely centred above their respective vowels. This
was tedious and clumsy (via manual tracking)(and still appreciating that
manual tracking does exist!) and we sometimes missed one or two of those
naughty tone-markers.

As we are publishing more and more in our local language, I was even
considering (no time) to write a script, just for cleaning up this
problem. Now we can concentrate on content and on design.

In German we might say "entlasten" about helping out some overworked
people and it never means to take it all off them, it usually means to
take just so much that they can survive. (Wir müssten eigentlich unsere
Developer entlasten, aber...). And it is just a tiny typo away from
"entlassen", which means "to fire", "to let go"...

Team, this is indeed good news. Thank you for the courage to massively
change the text rendering. This is almost like changing the motor in an
existing car model. I bet there will be bugs. List, please remind me
later that I was happy today and that I wowed not to complain and to
stay patient during the teething phase.


On 07.12.2016 09:06, Peter Nermander wrote:
>> Yipes! "Off-load" usually means to get rid of something/someone. We
>> don't want to get rid of anybody!
> Ah, sorry, what is the correct term for reducing the workload on someone
> then?
> In swedish we say "avlasta", where "av" translates to off and "lasta" to
> load.
> You can "avlasta" a person from work, you can "avlasta" a motor from
> mechanical load, you can even "avlasta" a pressure vessel (in that case you
> often use "tryckavlasta", where "tryck" is pressure).
> /Peter
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