[scribus] Improvements in 1.5.1

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Thu Oct 1 10:53:30 UTC 2015

> I think what is normal is to have a preferences selection as the last
> option, and within the dialog box that pops up you can change or reset
> things there.
Maybe the problem here is that to many of the different settings are in the
same place. Maybe they should be split into different places?

-Program preferences and
-Document settings
would be two suitable names, but there still is no clear way to let the
user know how to change settings for all new documents.

Program preferences would be anything not related to the documents.

Document settings of course settings related to the document.

But what settings are used for a new document? How do most other programs
handle it?

It is not intuitive that the same dialog works differently depending on
whether a document is open or not, since most users tend to always have a
document open. We can see that on the numerous questions about this.

-Program preferences
-Document settings
-New document settings

But it would take more space in the menu.

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