[scribus] Improvements in 1.5.1

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Thu Oct 1 10:00:58 UTC 2015

> i understand the default settings as the one scribus has when first
> installed.
> as in "back to the default settings".
I have never ever seen a program that in the File menu includes a menu item
for resetting the settings to the defaults...

In this case the two menu items would, if I don't understand wrong, open
more or less the same dialog window containig the same settings. One of
them would allow you to edit the settings for the current document, the
other would allow you to edit the settings for new documents.

Another alternative would of course to go the MS Word way, always create
new documents from a template. Then it would be perfectly logical that to
edit the settings for new documents you would open the template, change the
settings and then save the template.

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