[scribus] I would like to see two different pages at the same time

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue May 12 11:35:00 UTC 2015

> I am working on a journal and on Page 1, I have the logos and related 
> information. On page 9, however, I have a blank page. I would like to 
> see both pages next to each other and simply copy the material to the 
> right page. Would it be possible in the next releases?

no afaik this is not yet implemented nor actually planned.

it's a feature that has already been requested and it's indeed useful 
from time to time.
but it probably needs lot of rework to make it possible.
the scribus document rendering is implemented as straighforward as 
possible and it's not ready for multiviews.

what you could try to do, is to open two instances of scribus.
on my linux computer it's just about starting scribus two times.
on os x you will probably need to have two scribus apps installed (you 
can probably duplicate the existing one)
no idea how windows behaves in this case.

then you can open a copy of the document in the other scribus and have 
the different pages side by side. just take care not to edit the copy.

a dirty workaround. but it could help you solve the problem.


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