[scribus] I would like to see two different pages at the same time

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Wed May 13 05:02:34 UTC 2015

I am working on a journal and on Page 1, I have the logos and related
> information. On page 9, however, I have a blank page. I would like to see
> both pages next to each other and simply copy the material to the right
> page. Would it be possible in the next releases?

Do you mean you are using page 1 as some kind of "library" for content?
Have a look at the scrapbook instead.

Also note that you can copy and paste several items at the same time by
selecting multiple items, so there is no need to jump back and forth just
because you need to copy several items.

As others have said, Scribus does not yet include multiple views of the
same document. Scribus has been targeted at "page design" more than
"content creation", so the most suitable workflows include preparing all
content separately before laying it out in Scribus.

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