[scribus] 'Tête-Bèche', 'Upside-down' or 'reversible' book pages

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon May 11 12:44:49 UTC 2015

> With Slackware plus my own downloads I have
> pdftotext, pdftk, the Gvim editor, Gimp,
> Inkscape the huge Texlive suite and many others. I
> think I would attack the OP's quest with bursting
> the document to individual pages using pdftk,
> sorting them in reverse order, and write a script
> to rotate them 180 and so on.

Bursting seems overkill, I'd start with jPdfTweak (it has a GUI at least).

The Shuffle/N-up tab can handle both rotation and re-ordering in the same

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