[scribus] Adding frame on page

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Mar 24 13:23:25 UTC 2015

>> I have added a table to my page (scribus 1.4.4). How can I make the
>> lines of the cells visible? I have set a line width of 0.25mm but
>> nothing shows on preview.
> Don't expect tables in Scribus to work as tables in other programs (at
> least not until 1.5.0).
> A table in Scribus is (at least currently) just a group of text frames.
> This means that to apply lines you will need to ungroup the cells and apply
> lines separately for each cell.
> Yes, this sucks, but that's the way Scribus works. It's generally
> recommended to not use the tables in Scribus but to make tables some other
> way.

tables in scribus suck, but not in the way you described... the trick 
with ungrouping the cells does not work anymore.
in 1.4.x you have to select each cell by keeping the alt key down when 
clicking on it.
then, you get a specific set of checkboxes in the line tab of the 
properties palette.

the same alt key should be used for typing text in a cell. alt-double 
click on it...

> Use a text frame with tab stops and draw lines on top of it, create table
> in another program and insert into Scribus as image (preferably vector
> image like EPS, SVG or PDF) etc.

both better ways of doing...

you can also use tabulators.

> I think table support has been rewritten for version 1.5 but I'm not 100%
> sure.

it has!
it now sucks in a more shiny way...
(but it has the potential to get to a usable state... so the rewrite can 
be considered as successful, even if not finished yet...)

have fun and enjoy the sun :-)

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