[scribus] Crowdsourced translation of Scribus (via Transifex)

Kunda Loves Scribus scribus.user at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 13:44:26 UTC 2015

Hi Wena

On two accessions I have offered to translate work with them
> for MuseScore. I can do the work ordinary.
> But to do it online I found impossible. Say
> for example a manual where I can have a copy on the screen of another
> computer
> and do the translation line by line on my laptop.

Couple of things here:
1) At the moment we aren't translating manuals AFAICT, but just the Scribus
User Interface.
2) You don't have to use the Transifex interface (browser) to translate.
You can download the .ts file (through Transifex) to your local machine,
fire up Qt Linguist and do it, do the work and then upload you work back in
to Transifex. Done.

To complicate matters I felt that needed to agree with Welsh Musicians on
> musical terminology.

I suspect that such complications would also apply to
> Scribus work.I would like to be proved wrong.

Sorry to inform, there most likely will be disagreements about terminology.
You can see that on the Scribus Bugtracker in issues that discuss
translations and User Interface proposals. It's inevitable. Very common in
Open Source community and most importantly in human group interactions. The
point is to maintain a friendly and patient demeanor while feeling
passionately about a specific point of disagreement. Some people have an
'edge' to them and so we're all learning how to collaborate together.

I think in the case of Scribus we will have coordinators for each language.
Ideally those coordinators will be translators that are familiar with
professional DTP standards practices and technical jargon and can vet
submissions by their quality. This is important but it's not going to be
that way each time.

Fortunately, Transifex allows us to track who has submitted what and so we
can judge quality by submission. Everyone is welcome to translate but not
all translations will be used. So in the beginning we may see some lower
quality submissions but in the future if opening up Scribus to easier
translation submissions get more popular we'll ideally have standards and
practices in place to keep translations the highest quality as possible.
Right now it would be great to just get more people involved and helping to
make this possible through their participation.

Thanks for your participation,
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