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Mon Jul 20 17:40:59 UTC 2015

Le 20/07/2015 18:51, Thomas B Winans a écrit :
> Second, I’ve been trying to determine if it is possible to print from Scribus to PDF from a command line or API. I intend to build some complex documents (in the sense that content is customized and personalized on a large scale) and would like to see if I can use Scribus as the PDF print-to-file engine… I see commentary to this in various places, and I see Python script possibilities (that look more like application extensions to me), but don’t see specifics that help me to understand if what I need can be done.
> Could anyone offer guidance?
sorry I dont remember precisely
but i know that this subject is topic of some reports
on http://bugs.scribus.net
Have a look
and search also for automatic launch of scripts on command line.

I'd appreciate to know the the result of your search afterward...


> Thank you,
> Tom Winans
> tbw at tomwinans.me <mailto:tbw at tomwinans.me>
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