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Thomas B Winans tbw at tomwinans.me
Mon Jul 20 16:51:28 UTC 2015


First, thank you for Scribus—I am quite new to it, and look forward to learning.

Second, I’ve been trying to determine if it is possible to print from Scribus to PDF from a command line or API. I intend to build some complex documents (in the sense that content is customized and personalized on a large scale) and would like to see if I can use Scribus as the PDF print-to-file engine… I see commentary to this in various places, and I see Python script possibilities (that look more like application extensions to me), but don’t see specifics that help me to understand if what I need can be done.

Could anyone offer guidance?

Thank you,

Tom Winans
tbw at tomwinans.me <mailto:tbw at tomwinans.me>
http://tomwinans.info <http://tomwinans.info/>

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