[scribus] Editing a book, any hints or gothchas?

Fredrik Jonson fredrik at jonson.org
Wed Feb 25 12:12:04 UTC 2015

In <54B91B4D.1060109 at iglou.com> Gregory Pittman wrote:
>  Unfortunately, you can only set Automatic text frames when you create a
>  new document. The workaround might be to create a new one and import
>  your pages from the old one if you've already started.

Is there any technical reason why it isn't possible to enable automatic
text frames after a document have been created? Or is it just a matter
of lack of developer time for that feature?

>  Also be aware that if you click the text frame icon (or use the keyboard
>  shortcut 'T'), if you hold down Shift, then left click on the page
>  inside the margins the frame will fill up to the margins IF you don't
>  have any guides on the page -- the frame actually fills the space in 4
>  directions until it gets to a guide or margin.

Thanks, that's a definite timesaver.

BTW, thanks to all who answered my initial post in this thread.

Fredrik Jonson

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